Sabbath Quotes

Many of the puritans and church fathers wrote about the importance of keeping the Sabbath holy. Here are some quotes from their written works and sermons.

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A.A. Hodge on the Sabbath

From the Tract:  Sabbath, The Day Changed: The Sabbath Preserved by A.A. Hodge

"The command to observe the Sabbath is essentially as moral and immutable as the commands to abstain from stealing, killing or adultery. It has, like them, its ground in the universal and permanent constitution and relations of human nature."

J.C. Ryle on the Sabbath

From"The Sabbath is a Day To Keep" by J.C. Ryle

"It is not the slightest argument, in reply to what I have said, that many great and learned men see no harm in Sunday entertainment, sport and pleasure. It matters nothing in religious questions, who does a thing:" the only point to be ascertained is, "whether it be right."

Jonathan Edwards on the Sabbath

From Jonathan Edwards' sermon "Perpetuity and Change of the Sabbath - Third Sermon"

"O therefore, how well is it worth our while to improve this day, to call upon God and seek Jesus Christ! Let awakened sinners be stirred up by these things to improve the sabbath day, as they would lay themselves most in the way of the Spirit of God. …

Thomas Watson on the Sabbath

From Thomas Watson's Book The 10 Commandments:

"The whole Sabbath is to be dedicated to God. It is not said, Keep a part of the Sabbath holy, but the whole day must be religiously observed. If God has given us six days, and taken but one to himself, shall we grudge him any part of that day?"

"This is the day of sweet intercourse between God and the soul. …

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