Happy Jesus Day...

Well in a couple of weeks from when I'm writing this the day known as "Father's Day" here in the US will be upon us.  I think having a day to honor our dads is a good thing over all - but I also think that fathers should be honored every day so in some ways it's kind of silly to have to have some day set by some president years ago and promoted to the hilt by greeting card and retail outlets.  But I'm weird that way.

And yes, I feel the same way about Mother's Day.  I think I always have.  I know that the idea of Mother's day took on a whole new meaning the spring I was pregnant with my firstborn - but then almost every day took on new meaning then.  But I digress...

My struggle with these two days and others like it is that they fall on Sunday.  The Lord's Day.  My husband asked me this year if I cringe when people say Happy Mother's Day to me on that one Sunday in May.  I don't cringe - I know they don't have the same thoughts about it as I do.  But I don't say it back.  I've struggled with responding, "And Happy Lord's Day to you" in response, but even that might bring a reaction that I don't want.

I listened to part of another sermon today about Jesus being the Lord of the Sabbath.  This little snippet came at about 40 minutes into the sermon (this snippet is less than 60 seconds):

He says it so much better and bolder than I ever could (I am "quiet-mom" after all!)

Here's the whole sermon if you're so inclined.  And it's part 2 of a 2 part series so if you have time you might want to catch the whole thing.  It's very good.

So, this year, like last, we'll probably give gifts to hubs on Saturday evening instead ... and enjoy Sunday as "holy unto the Lord" - His day.  Happy Jesus Day.

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