Out of my comfort zone

Last night I spoke (I use that term lightly) for a local homeschooling support group.  

I'm not a public speaker.  I never wanted to be and still don't.  I agreed to this because when my friend from church called to ask me if we'd come and talk at her tea, I envisioned a few ladies sitting around her dining room table and us chatting.  Not so much.  There were 40 or so people there.  I was honored to be asked, glad to be there - except for that little speaking part.

The tea was lovely and I can't resist seeing a bunch of little girls dressed their best.  My girls and I have always had a soft spot for a nice tea.  My girls did a fabulous job on their short talks about how homeschooling has been a benefit to them (both were pretty nervous) and then they sang a few trios with their friend.  It was beautiful and I got all emotional like I always do when my girls sing.

But then it was my turn to get up.  I had notes, I sort of practiced.  I made the mistake of starting ... somewhere ... in my notes which meant that all of my little note cards were spread out on the podium.  So, I forgot the notes... and just kept talking.  It wasn't horrible but let's just say I'm really glad it is OVER.

The one good part of the talk was that I read scripture.  And the Lord does say that His Word will not return void.  So I can rest in the fact that THAT was a blessing to the ladies and girls there.

I read Psalm 16 which includes my life verses:

"I have set the Lord always before me. Because He is at my right hand, I'll not be shaken. Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices.  My body will also rest secure."  Psalm 16:8-9


Matthew 6:33 which most people know - Seek first the kingdom of God...

So now it's over. Phew. I survived.  I won't do it again. I think.

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