I ♥ Faces Pet Photos

Scamper in the Cupboard

I love this photo of our sweet kitty Scamper. I don't think I have ever met a sweeter cat in the world. But boy oh boy was he ever naughty! And we loved him for it because with him around, we always knew we'd be laughing!

Unfortunately, he got really sick a few years ago and didn't last long. We still miss him... and the laughter.

The photo is one of his cute but naughty moments. I opened the cupboard to get a glass and he immediately jumped in and made himself at home... and then tipped his head as if to say "you know I'm cute so there's no reason to get mad!"

We loved you Scampiness! 

Disclaimer - I love my camera but am not a budding photographer in the making.  I let my daughters (see here and here) take the really good shots... but I just wanted to share Scamper with the world! :)

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