My daughter sent me a link to this post by Jasmine Baucham: Joyfully At Home: Reformation Conversation.

Young ladies aren't the only ones who struggle with this and my girls and I have been discussing this somewhat, especially in light of our Sunday conversations.  At our church we typically meet for worship, then twice or three times a month have a potluck together and often stay for several hours afterward either just to fellowship or meet to discuss a specific topic.

I find that most people ... most Christians ... these days have a hard time talking about God.  It's so much easier to default to TV, music, our kids, the garden ... anything but how the Lord is working, what we're learning, how we can encourage each other- or even just quoting scripture or talking about the facts of the Bible.

And then Monday comes and we complain that we don't have enough time to study the word, to read our Bibles, to discuss theology, etc.  Yet the Lord gives us a full 24 hour period to do just that - His day. 

Naturally all of our conversations should be those that help us and others draw near to God - not just on Sunday. But you get the idea.

Anyway, I agree with Jasmine.  It's a constant work to do this and yet, it must be done.  Especially these days as we see the world around us running farther and farther away from the things of God ... many, most if not ALL of our conversations should be:

conversations that inspire hearers to draw closer to the Lord -conversations that inspire Christ-exalting action -conversations that can change the world. It's a tall order to fill, for sure -but when we are talking about the things of God: what he is doing in our lives, what we are passionate about for his glory, what we hope to accomplish for his namesake, what we are learning in His Word, from his people, or judging by His standard -we really can't go wrong.

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